Content Management

Content creation and management can be difficult. We make this process easier by offering a couple of solutions.

In-House Content Management System

We realized early on that some of our clients wanted to be able to edit the content of their web pages, create new pages, or create new blog posts. We didn't want to settle for using WordPress, because frankly WordPress doesn't perform up to our standard. The system was too old, with bad page performance, and unintuitive content management.

So we decided to create our own. We settled on giving it the clever name of "Varial CMS".

With Varial CMS you can do the following (and this list is continuously growing every week):

  • Create and edit standard web pages
  • Create and edit landing pages
  • Create and edit blog posts
  • Create, edit, and send marketing emails
  • Run an eCommerce store
  • Manage user profiles
  • Edit site logos, navigation, footers, etc

Content Creation, Editing, and Management

If you don't feel confident in creating your own content from scratch, that's perfectly fine.

We also offer content creation, which is handled by our co-owner Heather Leigh.

We can edit prexisting content.

And we can do SEO research and optimize your website for search engine result pages.